Most repairs are simple and inexpensive. We'll start with a once-over diagnostic to determine what's causing problems and get back to you with a quote and our recommendations before repairing your amp. The diagnostic includes contact cleaning and tube testing and takes one hour of labour at our shop rate of $70/hr. 



If you already own an amp that you love but want to make it better, we’ll help you to realize your vision. We have experience modifying Bell & Howell Filmosound amps and Gibson accordion amps.



We love restoring and preserving old amplifiers. Amps that are older than 30 years should have their electrolytic capacitors replaced.  These capacitors can dry out, leading to either open circuits or short circuits.  Neither of these conditions is good. We can keep your vintage amp in safe playing condition while preserving its value. 


Bring us your vision and ideas. We offer completely custom-built amps with custom aesthetics. We also offer custom shop speaker cabinets that can be built to pair with an existing amp head.